President’s Message

Dr. N. D. Jivani

President : M.D (Patho.)

Dear Friends/Students,
Shree Sahkar Education Trust(SET) was established with the objective of creating centres of excellence for education in the field of Pharmacy, Diploma Engineering, PGDM Pharmaceutical Management, School and Research Centre. Our Objective behind starting SET was to make higher education available to all who are desirous of achieving it .I also visualized that a social transformation can be brought about through the medium of dynamic education, SET is thus an institution of higher education with social commitment. With India & Indians, emerging as leaders across various professional sectors, it becomes an even greater challenge for the education sector to nurture and groom such abundant talent, which is all set to take industry's quest for excellence to dazzling new heights. It is in this same spirit of excellence, that we at SET have laid each brick.
We have created a learning culture, a friendly environment that facilitates complete development of our students. Our three pronged focus on knowledge, skill and attitude is aimed at meeting the needs of our customers i.e. the industry.
To achieve this we have handpicked the best faculty from diverse fields & expertise. We have invested in state of the art facilities, infrastructure and skilled human resources to supplement the culture and environment of SET’s good governance.
Moreover it’s our pledge to change in tandem with the changing requirements of the industry and mould, develop and nurture talent that will make the nation proud.
I hope you would be one of those fortunate students who would get an admission to Pharmacy college. I am certain that your life at our campus will be academically fruitful and otherwise pleasant. Every student & faculty members believe in SET Philosophy of “Life Skills” imbibed through informal & formal orientation.
 Dr N. D. Jivani
 SET, Surat