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With an endeavor to initiate the optimizalion of synthetic route for the existing methods and to develop alternative cconomic routes for the synthesis of pharmaccuticals, chemicals and intermediates Shree Dhanvantry Pharmacy College has initiated a state of art sophisticated synthetic laboratory. We intend to providc more economic route with better purity for the existing molecules at the same time post graduate scholars get an opportunity to have a on hand experience in handling synthetic process at a largerscale.

This initiation has been taken by the institute to bridge the gap between the industry and academy which is the need of day. The researcher will have the opportunity to synthesize molecules, with a new orocess, better yield, purity and economics followed by scale up process & this is a unique facility provided by institute by institute by which the post graduate scholars, industries and the institution can be benefited on a mutual basis.


To be inline with this development and to facilitatc the discovery process the centre "DDPRL" is equipped with the facility of Computer Drug Design to predict the bioefficay of the drug moleculcs and a rational approach to drug discovery has initiated at DDPRL.

Various software like Discovery studio, QSAR bundle plus, including DSQSAR, DSGFA component, CSN net component and DS vam component are provided which can be used to explore the possible interaction of new drug candidates with identified drug targets.

This center is also involved in prediction of toxicity study to avoid the use of animals and to facilitate the faster registration process of drugs and NCE's.With such colossal and the advanced research ambience and a niche compared to the other up coming professionals.

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